Welcome to Heart of the City Therapy Group blog! We are excited that you found us and are looking forward to using this space for you to get acquainted with us, explore ideas about emotional and mental health and to introduce you to exciting work people in the twin cities wellness and therapy communities are doing. 

Alexa Tennyson and I, Kori Hennessy, have started Heart of the City Therapy group with a goal of providing collaborative, strengths-based therapy for individuals, couples and families in the Twin Cities area. Alexa and I met in graduate school while studying marriage and family therapy at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. As we moved from studying in the classroom to working with people in the community, it became apparent that Alexa and I both experienced a deep appreciation and admiration for the people who came to see us.  For us, the experience of being a therapist is not one which pathologizes those we meet with, rather, it is an experience which illuminates the strength, beauty and humanity in all of us. Although we each approach therapeutic conversations from a slightly different lens, what we share in common is our commitment to the autonomy and dignity of every person, couple and family we meet with. 

The values Alexa and I hold in common serve as a guide post for the therapy practice we have today. It's our hope that our office is a safe and affirming space for all those who visit. 

Our Vision
To be leaders in our field as providers of ethical, impactful and strengths-based psychotherapy to couples, families and individuals in the metro area.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide therapy to couples, families, groups and individuals that recognizes the dignity, power and humanity of those we serve. We value strengths-based treatment, ongoing professional education and ethical service. We strive to support the people we serve in reaching their goals through a collaborative process in which our therapeutic experience, relational knowledge and human compassion leverage the skills, values and knowledge of those with whom we work.