Living in safety is essential to our physical, emotional and mental health. At Heart of the City Therapy Group, we believe that personal safety and security is a basic human right. In 1948, the United Nations took a stand recognizing this right to safety. In the Universal Declaration of human rights, article three, it states, "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person." 

We recognize that in the aftermath of the United States presidential election, many people in our community are experiencing a reduced sense of safety.  This blog post is intended to recognize the collective and individual impact of this insecurity, as well as to provide safe, supportive resources for those in our community most impacted. 

Below is a list of trusted resources. Heart of the City therapists, Kori Hennessy and Alexa Tennyson, also offer low cost therapy for anyone with financial barriers, and are happy to provide referrals to other therapists and agencies in the Twin Cities area.

You deserve to be safe. You are not alone. 

Sexual Violence Center     24 hour crisis line : 612-871-5111

Trans Lifeline    crisis line staffed by transgender people for transgender people  

Crisis Connection     (612) 379-6363 or (866) 379-6363

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Help Line 800-950-NAMI or text NAMI to 741741

Outfront MN has a comprehensive list of LGBTQ affirming resources available on their website

CLUES Cumunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio

ACLU Know Your Rights

-Kori Hennessy, MA