MAMFT Opposes the Practice of Separating Families at the Border

The Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy has put out a statement opposing the current US practice of separating children from their caregivers at the border.  They go on to endorse the "Keep Families Together Act" recently introduced in the Senate. Below is an excerpt from MAMFT's statement:

"As systemically-trained mental health professionals, the concern for these children’s wellbeing is both indisputable and alarming. An elementary understanding of the many consequences that follow traumatic disruptions to attachment figures should have been enough to deter any implementation of this policy–tragically, it was not. Considering our advanced understanding of the empiricism across disciplines demonstrating the lifelong impact of attachment-related trauma on neurobiological development of the individual along with the lasting impact on surrounding systems elevates our social responsibility to take a stand against these practices. That is why MAMFT, along with more than 140 other professional associations (including AAMFT, APA, and NASW) and 7,500+ mental health professionals, signed Child’s World America’s petition to stop separating children from their families along the southern border."

You can read the statement in full here

Psychology Today Article: Understanding the Changing Landscape of Gender Identity

Gender identity is typically defined as the concept of the self as male or female. But the reality of gender identity is far more complex since gender variance is not uncommon. For example, gender identity may differ from an individual’s birth-assigned gender. Transgender people include those whose gender identity does not match their assigned gender. And transgender people differ.  While some experience distress and want to live as the other gender, this is not true of all transgender individuals (Cohen-Kettenis & Pfafflin, 2010). And gender identity is different than sexual orientation (e.g., a transwoman who identifies as a woman although their birth sex was male, may be straight, gay, or bisexual).

Kori publishes article on marriage and retirement!

Kori publishes article on marriage and retirement!

Approaching retirement is a major milestone. It doesn’t just mark the end of a particular career, but the beginning of a new way of being in the world. This new phase is accompanied by changes to our relationships, our family lives, our social circle and our perception of what it means to be a productive member of our community...