Payment and Insurance

We accept cash, checks, and most credit cards as forms of payment at the time of service. We use Square to accept credit cards at the time of service. 

Currently, we do not accept insurance for our services. You may wish to contact your insurance company to inquire about out-of-network benefits. Our services may also be an eligible HSA expense. We encourage you to check with your plan for further information.

What are the Benefits of Cash-Based Services?

One of the primary benefits of cash-based services is we have more freedom for collaborative diagnosis between client and therapist, rather than client, therapist and the insurance agency. While we believe that diagnoses are necessary at times and can be helpful, we also understand that a diagnosis can be an inflexible label that is limiting for some clients. We firmly believe that no diagnosis can fully encompass a person’s situation and does not allow for all of the complexities and nuances of a client’s story. We also understand that naming a problem can be freeing for a client and therefore collaborative diagnosis can open the client up to giving their problem a name or label which they feel is appropriate. 

Couples who come in for cash-based services do not need to have an individual diagnosis. Most insurance agencies do not reimburse for a relationship diagnosis. So, if you choose to use insurance one individual in the couple becomes the identified client. With cash-based services, we are able to truly and completely identify the relationship as the client. 

With cash-based services your psychotherapy records remain confidential, are not available to your insurance company, and do not become part of your permanent record.  Any diagnoses or records requested by your insurance company may impact you in ways we may not be able to anticipate. With cash-based payment, you and your therapist will communicate openly and honestly about your records in a way that honors your autonomy and your privacy.

In focusing on cash-based services, we can avoid the long process of submitting a bill for our services to various insurance companies. Payment for services is handled up front between the therapist and client directly. This also prevents misunderstandings in the therapeutic relationship related to money and payment through a third party.

When working outside of insurance, your therapeutic services will not be interrupted due to a lapse in insurance coverage or billing issues out of your control. You can work directly with your therapist regarding payment and any issues which may arise. 

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding payment for services.